Mike Rayner

Mike is a highly effective sports therapist with a level 5 qualification in sports massage - check out the customer testimonials below - they're quite something.

Mike is also our resident BoxFit trainer on Wednesdays (more info below). 

Mike on a SCIATICA client:

He was taking pain-killers before every fitness class to get through the pain plus seeing a physio every two weeks for months but still no results. 

After the first session with me he was able to run a mile without pain, after the next session he ran a half marathon. I haven't seen this client again as the problem has been fixed.

Mike on a SHOULDER client:

I treated a guy after a car accident who had ruptured his cartilage in his shoulder, both front and back. 

The surgeon didn't really know how long it would take for a full recovery due to the extent of the damage. 

"First treatment I was presented with a shoulder that was that knotted, and it was near enough impossible to feel the different muscle groups (rhomboid, traps). Symptoms were pain down back of the arm plus pins and needles running down to finger tips, not to mention the fact that there was restricted movement. 

After the first treatment the pins and needles had gone, plus the pain could also differentiate between muscle groups and range of movement had improved. 

Two sessions later near enough full recovery with injured arm better than the non injured arm and was back in the gym able to build up on strength. 

Mike on a BURSITIS client:

The client yet again was seeing a physio but to no avail. After one session she was able to run pain free and I now see her every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance massage so she can carry on running marathons, ultra marathons and 24hr endurance races.

Mike on BOXFIT:

It’s great fun AND it burns fat, drops dress sizes, builds on muscle strength and endurance and on cardiovascular fitness. I will go through a variety of punching techniques to get the arms moving as quick as possible in a safe manner.

I aim to exercise the entire body using an array of exercises in a structured manner either own body weight or use of equipment. 

"The endorphins released will leave you feeling more confident physically and mentally, and it is also a great way to relieve stress” Mike Rayner, ex-army.


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Mike works:

Wednesdays: 08:30 - 17:30





Deep tissue massage

Sports massage

Exceptional back and hip massage: I was bent and rotated in directions I didn’t know I was capable of.
Thanks Mike. It’s been emotional.
Had an amazing sports massage yesterday! My back feels so much better today, all my neck and shoulder tension and tightness is gone. Mike talks you through exactly what he is doing and checks how it feels so you aren’t in agony. Definitely the best and most beneficial massage I have had in an age. I will definitely be back. 5/5
Mike has magic hands & I feel totally ready to face 2018!
Mike gave pressure that I’ve not had before. Wonderful massage, everything is loose
I just wanted to write to thank Mike for an excellent massage. One of the best I’ve had in a long time. It’s just a shame there’s not excellent massage like that easily found in london.
I had a fantastic treatment (sports massage) with Mike and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a seriously good massage! As an overworked massage therapist myself I was in pain . . . Mike was professional and friendly, making me feel comfortable, and providing me with an extremely relaxing yet beneficial treatment. His explanations about my particular issues were thorough, showing an abundance of knowledge. I came away feeling relaxed and pain free (for the first time in ages!)