Hands On is a clinic of clinicians, massage therapists and personal trainers.


Room Rental


We strive to help people with minor to major injuries using osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports and deep tissue massages. There is an friendly professional atmosphere in the Hands On building which customers compliment us on.

Hands On is in a beautiful building about a 2 minute walk from Boots on the High Street. The THERAPY ROOMS and STUDIO which you can rent out are beautifully yet clinically finished including a hydraulic couch if needed.

The rooms are only available to health related businesses because we want to maintain our healthy driven image.

+ We have car park!




Therapy Room

£10 - Per Hour | £25 - Half Day | £50 - Full Day
Perfect for conventional & alternative practices



£12 - Per Hour | £35 - Half Day | £55 - Full Day
large enough for 8 Yoga-style treatments

Get in touch


For more information or to book a room or studio please contact
Sam Costley on 01242 333333 or email info@handsonwellbeing.com


Hands On Wellbeing:

32 Portland Street
GL52 2PB

T: 01242 243333

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