Deborah McCarthy

Deborah is a deep tissue bodyworker, sports masseuse and also an advanced biodynamic craniosacral therapist.

A massage session with Deborah is quite an experience. With an exquisite touch which seems to tune-in to your body’s needs, Deborah truly has healing hands. Right from her first day at Hands On customers were rebooking.

"My goal is to make you feel better, as quickly and as gently as possible”

Deborah has the additional medical ‘caring’ understanding through many years working as a registered nurse. This helps give her an underlying confidence, resulting in high quality individualised customer service - check out the testimonials below.

Deborah gained invaluable experience working with extreme athletes at a world class level, and also people of all ages: pregnant women, babies, teenagers and the very elderly. She has run clinics and worked in spas all over the world.

When appropriate she uses a combination of trigger point work (used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body - she is brilliant at this!), myofascial release technique, deep tissue massage with sports therapy & biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

If you fancy the all bells and whistles experience then Deborah offers the two hour
Integrated Bodywork experience. This is a combination of invigorating deep tissue massage and craniosacral therapy using her intuitive, healing, nurturing and ultimately balancing effects.

"I strive to help you improve your quality of life, to achieve your wellness goals, and to heal your body gently & safely in order to live your best life” Deborah McCarthy



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Deborah works:

Fridays 10:30 - 19:30

Mondays 10:30 - 19:30



Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Trigger Point Work

Myofascial Release Technique


Cannot ‘big up’ Deborah enough. I have used alternative therapists & been having massage and other treatments for many years and all I can say is this woman is pure magic!
Intuitive and completely holistic - my whole body and my whole being has been positively impacted by her. Thank you
I can highly recommend Debs, her treatments are amazing. I had deep tissue massage for a hip and knee injury and craniosacral therapy (which I love). Debs is helping me recover from past injuries, an operation and ongoing issues. She is an amazing lady with a magical touch. Thank you Debs and all the Staff at Hands On. You are wonderful
Debs, absolutely amazing. I am so grateful.
I also highly recommend Debs. She’s worked miracles on my back, hip and pelvis and also put my in contact with your Osteopath, Patrick, who has also been really helpful. Debs is incredibly supportive and intuitive and I wouldn’t be on the road to recovery without her x
Rejuvenating, relaxing and lovely. Debs has an exceptional touch, somehow she is able to take you on a journey of inner and outer healing with her hands. Grounded warmth, calming mind and therapeutic relief. I leave feeling healthier, happy and deeply relaxed. Everyone should experience a Debs massage
I have known Debs for a good few years now, since she trained with us, and more recently in a healing capacity as one of her clients. Debs is one of those wise ‘old souls’ who brings deep intuition as well as sound knowledge. I always feel I am in good hands and in complete safety and Debs skilfully tunes in to whatever is present at the time, moving between body work and energy healing and offering her own insights if necessary. I always leave the session with a profound sense of wellbeing and that I have nurtured myself on every level