What is it?

Sports and remedial massage differs from other massage techniques as it’s delivered with the sportsperson in mind. If you’re physically active, you may notice tightness in muscles or ligaments after a sports or workout session and there may be a build up of lactic acid in your muscles. Sports and remedial massage can help. Our highly qualified massage therapists can effectively diagnose any sustained injury or damage caused by a sporting activity. Hands On sports massage therapists can provide additional stretching techniques and exercises to ensure a thorough rehabilitation.


How is it delivered?

Like all our massage therapy sessions, your practitioner will begin by gently guiding you through a full history of your past injuries and current concerns or issues. This ensures that your massage therapist is aware of your unique needs and can address any worries you may have. They will also provide a full regime of stretches and exercises to ensure your complete recovery. Your practitioner will use a number of techniques to deliver the massage and may involve intense deep kneading of the muscle tissue to release chronic patterns of stress which can develop post exertion. These sessions usually last between 45 minutes and one hour.


Who could benefit from this treatment?

Sports massage is particularly suitable for those who have or are undertaking exercise on a regular basis as it can improve your performance and your body’s response to sustained activity. It is particularly useful after exertion to distribute toxins which can be retained in the muscles causing pain and fatigue. This treatment can also be used to alleviate non-sports related pain in the body. 

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