What is it?

Physiotherapy is used universally to treat pain and mobility issues caused by injury, illness or disability. This form of treatment traditionally incorporates schemes of movement, different types of exercise, manual manipulation, education and advice. This will differ from person to person, depending on the underlying cause of the problem. If you have an injury or experience recurrent pain you may benefit from physiotherapy sessions to find and treat the root of your issue. Physiotherapy is a holistic method in which the patient is encouraged to play a very definite role in their treatment, ensuring swift recovery and minimising the risk of future injury.


How is it delivered?

Following a thorough examination of your health and medical history, your physiotherapist will discuss what you hope to achieve through your sessions together. This first assessment will drive your future sessions together, establishing the key issues which you wish to address. Your Hands On physiotherapist will design a personalised programme to rehabilitate you and ensure you are able to achieve a pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible. The techniques used to achieve this will vary but will be based upon forms of manual manipulation such as massage, prescribed movement, exercise, education and advice.


Who could benefit from this treatment?

Physiotherapy can be useful for people who have suffered from a sporting injury, or experience problems in their bones, joints or soft tissue. It is also recommended for use in those who have problems with movement caused by a stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. A scheme of physiotherapy sessions is also suitable for those who require rehabilitation following a heart attack or time spent in hospital. 

Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.



POST SURGERY REHABILITATION for NHS or private, hip and knee replacement patients - How Hands On can help you!

Have you, or any of your family and friends undergone a hip or knee replacement? 

We often find that patients are desperate for more time with their physiotherapist after surgery, to aid optimal progression through their rehabilitation. Sometimes there just isn't the funding or resources for vital, regular sessions. 

Why are you telling me this and how can Hands On help me with my hip or knee replacement?

At Hands On, we are launching a new hip and knee replacement program, giving patients the opportunity to spend more time with a specialist physiotherapist, guiding them through the rehabilitation process, step by step.

Here's whats on offer!

Expertise >>> You will be in the care of our expert Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Romyna Menéndez. Romyna spent 3 years working as lead physiotherapist for a famous Italian surgeon in Rome and has been working with hip and knee replacement patients in the NHS for 4 years. 

Safety >>> Many patients can be anxious about performing their exercises at home, especially after major surgery. Spending time under Romyna's supervision will ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely!

Continuous support >>> Regular sessions will ensure that you are progressing your exercises and activity at an optimal rate, meaning that you can get back to your activity, sport and being you, as soon as possible!

Clarity >>> Romyna has the answer to all of your burning questions that you may have forgotten to ask your consultant at the time. Can I kneel? Can I lay on my side? Can I sit in a chair at this height? When can I start using just one crutch? We can advise you at each stage of your recovery on exactly what you should and shouldn't be doing to ensure your hip or knee replacement is 100% successful!

Romyna says"A regular exercise program is key for recovery from your operation! Building up strength and restoring normal movement in your new joint will help ease pain and swelling, reduce the chance of any circulatory problems and most importantly, get you back to your activities quicker!"

Call Hands On (01242 243333), visit our website (www.handsonwellbeing.com) or email us at info@handsonwellbeing.com for more information or to get in touch with Romyna with a specific question or query!

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