What is it?

Practiced for thousands of years, Deep Tissue Massage differs from its cousins Acupressure and Swedish Massage. While Swedish Massage offers improved circulation of blood and lymphatic systems and Acupressure focuses on the flow of energy through the body, Deep Tissue Massage focuses purely on your muscles and connective tissue. Your practitioner uses a variety of techniques using their hands to restore and invigorate your muscles. The result is to achieve significant change to the movements made by the body and overall posture. As well as this, your treatment will relieve pain, improve your blood pressure and provide stress relief.


How is it delivered?

Your first treatment will begin with your practitioner asking you some questions about your overall health and what you hope to achieve through your sessions together. You will be asked to lay on your warm, comfortable massage table and cover yourself with a soft towel. Your Deep Tissue Massage is delivered while you’re laying down and your therapist will ensure that you remain warm and comfortable throughout your treatment. Your therapist will regularly check in with you to ensure the pressure they’re using isn’t too strong or too weak, but don’t be afraid to speak up. We are here for your complete comfort and pleasure. Your treatment will last for approximately 50 minutes.


Who could benefit from this treatment?

Everyone can benefit from this deeply restorative treatment, however those who suffer from insomnia, muscle aches, chronic pain, trapped nerves, stress or headaches will achieve noticeable relief.


TESTIMONIALS - here's what people say

"Best massage in town"

"Best Massage I’ve ever had! It really felt like you were able to pinpoint those muscles that needed attention and put everything back into alignment - thank you!”

“Absolutely fantastic session. Third massage now and each time it gets better and better (if that’s even possible). So glad I came upon Hands On. Addicted now. Thank you!"

"A thoroughly fantastic sports massage!! I walked in limping and floated out as light as a feather. They're incredibly professional and throughout my massage kept asking if PRESSURE, etc, was OK. To top it off she gave me several exercises to take home.”

"Sam treated me for first time yesterday.....have rebooked already....very professional"

"Another belting massage from Sam"

"Just had what was the best massage ever by the extremely talented Paulina. I feel better than I have for a long time. I cannot recommend Paulina enough!"

"I have been 'Candied' this afternoon too - can’t believe how many knots she found in my shoulders - and then ironed them out for me. Thanks Candy“

“I just wanted to write to thank Mike for an excellent massage. One of the best I’ve had in a long time. It’s just a shame there’s not excellent massage like that easily found in London"

“Wendy is absolutely wonderful in every way! – She is not only a pleasure to visit but I have never had treatment like it! By far the best massage I have ever had! ... I can’t stop thinking how wonderful it is and on leaving I feel total bliss! – Thanks Wendy and see you in a couple of weeks!”



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