What is it?

Practiced for thousands of years, Deep Tissue Massage differs from its cousins Acupressure and Swedish Massage. While Swedish Massage offers improved circulation of blood and lymphatic systems and Acupressure focuses on the flow of energy through the body, Deep Tissue Massage focuses purely on your muscles and connective tissue. Your practitioner uses a variety of techniques using their hands to restore and invigorate your muscles. The result is to achieve significant change to the movements made by the body and overall posture. As well as this, your treatment will relieve pain, improve your blood pressure and provide stress relief.


How is it delivered?

Your first treatment will begin with your practitioner asking you some questions about your overall health and what you hope to achieve through your sessions together. You will be asked to remove clothes while your massage therapist leaves the room, lay on your warm, comfortable massage table and cover yourself with a soft towel. Your Deep Tissue Massage is delivered while you’re laying down and your therapist will ensure that you remain warm and comfortable throughout your treatment. Your therapist will regularly check in with you to ensure the pressure they’re using isn’t too strong or too weak, but don’t be afraid to speak up. We are here for your complete comfort and pleasure. Your treatment will last for approximately 50 minutes.


Who could benefit from this treatment?

Everyone can benefit from this deeply restorative treatment, however those who suffer from insomnia, muscle aches, chronic pain, trapped nerves, stress or headaches will achieve noticeable relief.

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